Saturday, May 25, 2013

Potato Latkes (Pancakes) with Applesauce

Oh, yummmm! This sweet version with applesauce is perfect with breakfast sausage patties. (I topped my patties with applesauce as well.)

For more savory versions as a side dish for pork, you could add 1 TB finely grated onion, a clove of garlic also finely grated, 1/4 tsp ground marjoram and 1/4 tsp fennel seed. Serves 3-4.

2 large Idaho or Russet potatoes, peeled
1 large pasture raised egg, room temperature
1 + 1/4 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
3 TB potato flour
3-4 TB coconut oil

Organic unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon (yes, cinnamon! it's really good with both the latkes and the sausage!)

Heat the coconut oil over medium heat in a large saute pan (do not use non-stick). In a medium mixing bowl, beat the egg, salt & pepper together. Grate the potatoes on a box grater in the center of a clean, dry kitchen towel. Wrap up the towel, hold over the sink and squeeze out as much liquid as possible: press against the side of the sink to get the last bit out.

Dump the potatoes into the bowl with the egg and use your fingers or a fork to separate the shredded potato. Sprinkle the potato flour over the potato and use a fork to mix well. Use two forks to drop about 3 TB worth of shredded potato into the hot oil. Repeat until you have about 5 or 6 latkes in the pan. Do not mash or press the potatoes together! This will allow them to cook more quickly and more surface area to brown, making them nice and crunchy. Cook about 3 minutes on each side, or until they're nicely browned.

When you're ready to remove them from the pan, use 2 spatulas and gently squeeze them together to get out the excess oil before putting them on a plate. Serve hot with applesauce.

*Note: if you have leftovers, you can refrigerate them and reheat in a toaster oven but be sure to put them on a plate or metal pan with sides! The oil in the latkes could drip down onto your heating element and at best, set off your smoke alarm; at worst, catch fire.

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